Upper School Chamber Music

Chamber Music is a different from the traditional orchestra because musicians form small groups like duos, trios, or quartets. Each member is entirely responsible for his or her own part – there is no doubling, or multiple people playing the same music, like you would find in an orchestra setting. Inherently, the Chamber Music format requires a different degree of musical autonomy and interaction between the group members. 

Recently, the Upper School Chamber class had the opportunity to visit The Legend Studios, a local recording studio owned and operated by David Swanson, class of 2003. Entering the studio, the students found themselves in the tech room; the walls were lined with guitars of varying styles, shapes, and specialties. Computer monitors and soundboard panels covered the main desk, situated in front of a window which looked beyond into the recording room – a cozy space with an atmosphere of relaxation and one that seemed to invite creativity. Other instruments filled this room – cables, sound panels, and tall stands with specialized microphones, ready to capture living art in the form of sound, harmony, articulation, and contrast. 

We invite you in to that creative space by viewing a Chamber Music performance by three seniors – one from Tokyo, one from Shanghai, and one from Wethersfield, CT. Please enjoy!