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Core Values

Commitment to Biblical Truth

What that means:

  • The Truth as revealed through Jesus Christ is the foundation of all we do
  • The Bible stands as the authority for all truth and the source for wisdom in all questions
  • The Holy Spirit leads us into all truth
  • We are called to bring glory to God

Commitment to Integrity (in character, conduct and conversation)

What that means:

  • Christ is our model for character development
  • Honesty in all communications
  • Respect for each individual
  • Intentional obedience to a higher authority
  • Service to others
  • Taking responsibility for one’s own actions


Commitment to Excellence in Education

What that means:

  • A commitment to grow professionally
    • Staying current with best practices in education
    • Accountability in and out of the classroom
  • Establishing clear objectives, guidelines and standards for all we do
  • Education from the inside . . . out
    • Recognizing each individual’s unique God-given design
    • Helping students discover and develop their God-given gifts and talents
    • Equipping students with a Biblical worldview so as to use those gifts and talents to  better the world around them