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Early Kindergarten Program


Our Program


Our Early Kindergarten program is designed to boost school readiness by building the social and academic skills needed to jump into Kindergarten. Our Early Kindergarten is a half-day program (8 a.m.—12:30 p.m.) with an option to add an enrichment program 5 days a week from 12:30—3:00 p.m. Our EK program is available to children who are age-eligible for Kindergarten, but would benefit from another year before entering Kindergarten.




Our Highlights

  • Diverse learning activities offering each child the opportunity to grow at their own pace
  • Immersion in all core academic areas including literacy, mathematics, and scientific investigation
  • Dedicated handwriting curriculum
  • Curriculum aligns with Connecticut Early Learning and Development Standards (ELDS)
  • Weekly participation in Specials Classes: Art, PE, Library, Music, and Science
  • Early Kindergarten participates in various ways with the Lower School community, including weekly chapels
  • Parent involvement and communication


Daily Activities

  • Our daily routines include morning meeting, free play, snack, literacy and math activity, one special, lunch and recess