Lower School » STEM


The Lower School is very proud of our robust STEM program and team. Unlike most elementary schools, where Math, and usually Science and Technology, are added to the classroom teacher’s responsibilities, we have dedicated teachers and space for these important subjects.

Interactive Science and Technology Lab

The Lower School provides a dedicated Science teacher for all grades. Students receive hands-on interactive science instruction in a dedicated lab space which houses a SMART Board, individual laptops, digital media, data loggers, and robotics equipment. Our science program is tied to Next Generation Science Standards. Our curriculum guides students through various real-world scenarios that require students to engage in the scientific process to help determine solutions and to find answers to burning questions.


Our technology program begins in grade 2 and focuses on the areas highlighted in the ISTE standards. These include digital citizenship, becoming an empowered learner, design through coding, and other essentials. Students have the opportunity to progress at their own pace in a variety of programs, with the continued support and supervision of the Technology teacher.


Specialized Math Teacher

The Lower School has a dedicated math specialist who provides instruction to students in grades 2 through 5. A dedicated math specialist allows consistency in instruction from year to year which produces a solid foundation for our students. Our math instructor knows the strengths and weaknesses of each student and tailors the curriculum to meet individual needs. The specialist also provides support to teachers in Early Kindergarten through Grade 1. Our school was one of the first schools in Connecticut to use the Math in Focus curriculum, which is a Singapore based math curriculum. This curriculum is supplemented with a wide range of manipulatives, including Digi blocks, and a comprehensive set of story problems and opportunities for students to engage in mental mathematics.


Throughout all of our STEM classes, students are encouraged to take risks, explain their thinking, and engage in healthy dialogue with their classes. At the same time, this is done in a fun and engaging manner where students develop positive views of themselves as scientists and mathematicians. Through a variety of techniques, our teachers continue to place all of the content in a Biblical worldview.