Whole Child

We believe in and practice an elementary education of the whole child: academically, spiritually, socially, emotionally, and physically.

At The Master's School, we are blessed to be able to educate the whole child. Our approach to learning allows us to develop each child in a way that encourages their individual uniqueness to shine through as they work to grow and reach their own goals in a variety of disciplines. To ensure that this occurs, our students attend a variety of specials every week including Physical Education, Visual Arts, and Performing Arts. We also ensure that students have plenty of time each day for lunch and recess, allowing them the opportunity for many different social interactions.

Physical Education

Lower School Physical Education classes combine traditional focuses like overall fitness, skill development, sports/games exposure, healthy habits, and stretching with a cutting-edge approach that includes leadership development, social skills and behavioral goals, and a focus on encouraging a lifetime of fitness. Students are challenged to develop a greater understanding of their own interests and accompanying healthy activities that they will carry with them in the future.

Highlights Include:
Playground Games - September
Capture the Lion - October
Fall Sports Spectacular Unit - November
Color Games - February
Outdoor Adventure - April
Neighborhood Sports – May
Field Day – end of the school year


Performing Arts

General Music

Whether on stage, in the classroom, or in the band room, students are challenged to try new things, take risks, learn unexpected things, and discover many ways to succeed.  The music curriculum is developed through both the Orff Schulwerk and the Kodály methods. These approaches teach music through rhythm, speech, and movement. These methods encompass natural and joyful ways of bringing music and children together. The Lower School program includes these categories: melody, rhythm, harmony, singing, movement, listening and appreciation, history, instruments (pitched and non-pitched), form, performance, improvisation, and vocabulary. Instructions and experiences begin with simple objectives and continue with increasing complexity. All teaching is appropriate to the children’s learning capabilities. Students perform in both a Christmas and Spring concert.


Visual Arts

Lower School Art

The Lower School art room is located in a spacious studio equipped for a variety of art disciplines including drawing, painting, printmaking and pottery. Nature themes are often a focus of artwork inspired by the beauty of our unique surroundings. As students enjoy creative experiences, they recognize the special contributions each can make in the learning process. In art class we think deeply, have meaningful discussions and work toward wonderful creative design solutions. Children become equipped with concepts, vocabulary, techniques, skills, understandings in art history, and exposure to a variety of art forms. While delighting in stimulating art experiences offered in a safe, nurturing environment, they are developing confidence and ability to observe, critique, take risks and persevere. Our focus on design provides many opportunities to consider the work of The Creator, and recognize His unique design and plan for each life.  We celebrate our learning in an annual all-school Spring Art Show. 


Lunch and Recess          

Every day students have the opportunity to socialize with their class and others in the Lower School during lunch and recess. The students walk down to the dining hall for their lunch where they have the opportunity to purchase a hot meal or access our salad bar.

Students then proceed to one of our two playgrounds. One playground is geared for students in grade 1 and below. The other playground, named Logan’s Place in honor of one of our students who passed away, is set in the back of our campus and provides grades 2 to 5 opportunities for a variety of play. A highlight every year is the access to the woods and the forts and communities that our students build.