Christian Community

Children at The Master’s School thrive in an environment where a Biblical worldview is infused into all our curriculum and throughout the day. We work hard to ensure that every student feels safe and cared for here.

Authentic Community

Research shows that beginning at a young age, students who are comfortable, feel safe and thrive socially perform better academically. Our students are taught strong social skills that nurture a positive sense of self-worth and a healthy respect for others, forming the basis of the daily schedule. We are purposeful to provide direct social instruction on a daily basis. Children collaborate, greet one another, interact responsively, and listen well to others. The Responsive Classroom curriculum addresses the social and communal aspects of educating the whole child.


Spiritual Life

At The Master's School, we acknowledge that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior. For this reason, we teach from a Biblical worldview perspective. We commit each day to the Lord and provide many opportunities for children to learn about God’s Word. Bible lessons are taught on a regular basis at each grade level. There is a designated chapel theme each year, with a specific focus each month. This is coordinated by the school Chaplain and Lower School Director. Children physically attend Chapel once a week and engage in singing, Bible reading, and various activities. Chapels are led by our Chaplain, Director, teachers, or by guests such as parents and local pastors. Our students internalize what they learn at Chapel and often look for ways to apply it throughout the week, both at school and in their communities. Chapel is a vital and important part of each week of school. It develops a wonderful sense of community as we gather together as an entire Lower School, or in smaller groups.


Parent Involvement

Having a close relationship with our families allows for increased support and success for our students. Teachers and parents have regular communication in a variety of ways. One tool we use is Seesaw, which is a digital portfolio, allowing parents to view photos and videos of their child’s activities at school. Parents also regularly come in and volunteer either in the class for special events or to help with projects. We have a strong Parent Teacher League (PTL) who organizes a wide range of events and blesses our school in many ways.

PTL Events: Open Playgrounds; Father-Daughter Dance; Mother-Son Event; Benefit Dinners; Teacher Appreciation Week