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Spiritual Life

Student Ministries

The Master's School seeks to embody the law of love described in Scripture: to love God and our neighbor (Mark 12:28-31). The quality and maturity of that love grows as we carry out our lives in the context of God-honoring relationships. Consequently, relationships lie at the heart of our Bible curriculum, service program, chapels, and all our other spiritually forming activities. We incorporate these things into our school’s schedule in order to create spaces for students to build relationships that lead to spiritual transformation and Christ-likeness. 
Student Discipleship
  • by equipping them with tools to cultivate their relationship with Christ
    through relevant Bible teaching
  • by Biblical counseling in the context of mentoring relationships
  • by creating spaces for them to encounter God’s truth in engaging ways 

Relationship with Christ
  • by acknowledging their presence at TMS in an honoring way
  • by addressing their need for relationship with Christ regularly
  • by modeling for them the Spirit-filled life in the context of relationships

Student Ministry Spaces
  • Bible classes
  • Chapels
  • Spiritual Focus Weeks
  • Retreats
  • Missions trips
  • One-on-One mentoring