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Technology at The Master's School

We are proud to deliver a program that is challenging, relevant, and Christ-centered in order to produce students who are well-known, well-taught, and well-prepared to enter an ever-changing world. Our world’s global culture and evolving technology have brought to light a series of skills necessary to thrive in the years to come. These “21st-century skills” range from creativity and critical thinking to flexibility, media literacy, communication, and collaboration. While we recognize that teaching these skills has been a hallmark of a Master’s School education for years, we are excited to embrace an increased and strategic use of technology in accordance with our long-term technology plan.

Technology Integrated into Curriculum

We recognize that certain technologies have become just as essential as pen and paper. We are actively integrating technology learning experiences into our curriculum, enhancing and deepening the learning process in a transparent and effective manner, while providing solid experiences interacting in an ever-increasing international digital culture.

Best in access for Everyone

We believe when students and teachers are equipped with the best tools and resources, they strive for excellence. By providing equal and uniform access to technology resources, and setting high expectations for achievement, we situate the student in an environment of success. 

Creation and Consumption

Providing technology and resources is not enough. We require students to clearly articulate their understanding of complex materials by demonstration. We provide flexible tools which allow the student to not only explore new media, but also to have a hand in its creation. One distinguishing tool that we equip our students with is a digitizing pen, enabling hand written note taking, annotation and sketching, which we believe are critical to content absorption and idea formation.

Preparation for the Real world

Technology is synonymous with change. A popular and effective tool today may be replaced with something else in short order.  The Master's School has opted to embrace flexible technologies, providing industry standard software and interfaces where appropriate, but prepared for agility and innovation in an ever changing landscape.

Collaboration & Creativity

Teachers in grades K-6 have access to ipads and laptops for use within the classroom. Students are able to access engaging tools to bolster the classroom learning experience, under their teacher's guidance.
Research & Productivity

1:1 Technology

Students in grades 7-12 receive a Window-based, pen enabled convertible laptop to use for in class note taking, research, and homework. Students are able to access ebooks and library resources in and out of the classroom.
Mobility & Access

Teachers of grades 7-12 are equipped with a pen enabled convertible windows laptop. They are able to collaborate with students and grade homework electronically. Teachers integrate library resources and media to present rich and engaging lessons.