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International Students

The Master's School welcomes international students to grades 7-12 (ages 12 to 18) who desire to have a college-preparatory, Biblically-based education.

Application Dates

We offer rolling admission, so there is no need to wait to apply.



International Partners

All student applicants from non-English speaking countries are encouraged to apply via an agency that can help provide families with support in their native language. Our primary agency partners are.

  1. IVY International
  2. Apex International Education Partners (AIEP)

AIEP为学生提供安全、关注青少年身心健康成长的爱心住家,助力学生们更好地融入美国文化。微信公众号: AIEPUS 

  1. American Home Life International  (AHLI) 
  2. Boston Global Education  (BGE) 
International Students 1


International Student Cost

2020-2021 Cost
Tuition $27,560
International Student Fees and Services
  • 1 Week Orientation
  • 12 Month Magoosh SAT, TOEFL Access
  • I-20 Processing/SEVIS Record Keeping
  • Community Building Activities
  • International Student Coordinator

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Application Procedure: 1-3 Weeks

  1. Apply: Today. 
    1. Provide information about your family, the student and his/her interest in The Master’s School.
    2. Prepare all available high school and middle school transcripts to submit with the application
    3. Prepare 1-2 Letters of Recommendations from teachers or coaches who know your child well.
    4. Confidential financial statement to support student studying abroad.
  1. Interview: 1-2 Days.
Prepare for an interview. The International Student Coordinator will contact you for an interview to get to know the student and answer any questions the student has about the school.


  1. Decision: 1-3 Days.
Within one to three days following the interview, the school will inform students if they have been accepted, if additional information is needed, or if they have been declined acceptance to the school.


3.5 Student without an agent.

If a student is not being represented by an agent they will be provided with further documentation about our host family option for housing and the requirements for medical insurance. Additional charges for housing and insurance will apply to students coming without an agent but will depend on the particular situation of each student and their needs.

  1. Acceptance: 1-2 Weeks
Students who are accepted will be sent a contract which must be signed and submitted along with a deposit of $5,000.


  1. I-20 and visa: 1 Week
Students who have paid the deposit will be mailed an I-20 which they can use to apply for their F-1 Visa. The visa process usually takes between 1-6 weeks.


  1. Additional School Documentation:
Before school starts After the student’s F-1 Visa has been confirmed the school will send out a packet of documents that must be signed and returned before the beginning of school. This packet includes:
    1. State of Connecticut Health Form
    2. Athletic Consent Form
    3. Parental Permissions Form
    4. Device Use Policy
    5. Field Trip Permission Form
    6. Medical Emergency Health and Registration Form
    7. Sudden Cardiac Arrest Form
    8. Concussion Form
    9. Student Handbook

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Questions or Concerns???

Contact International Student Coordinator Caleb Lagan.

Caleb Lagan



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