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Admissions » Why Choose The Master's School?

Why Choose The Master's School?

Parents' Perspective



The Master’s School Difference

When it comes to your child’s education, you have choices. We understand what an important decision choosing the best school is for your family, and we invite you to discover what sets The Master’s School apart. We offer a truly unique environment where parents do not have to choose between superior academics and authentic Christian faith. At The Master’s School, faith and knowledge intersect throughout the daily lives of the teachers, faculty, and students. 



Christian values & educational excellence – Students have the distinct advantage of rigorous college-preparatory instruction and mentoring by Christian teachers, coaches, and leaders. Bible study, prayer groups, weekly chapels, and retreats nurture spiritual development. 


Teacher Student

Individualized education – We seek out students’ gifts and talents and educate to develop them, providing personalized support that leads to academic success.



Small Class sizes – This allows teachers to truly know each student and maximize their ability to learn. Students feel safe and supported and are challenged to reach their full potential. 


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Critical thinking skills – Stimulating, hands-on instruction, coupled with high expectations, inspires students to excel. Creativity, innovation, and intellectual curiosity are encouraged through the STEM and Fine Arts programs for all ages. 



Close-knit community – Relationships at The Master’s School are a hallmark. Most significant is the commitment to mentoring relationships, teacher to student and between older and younger students throughout all grades. 



Education for life – A Master’s School education is grounded in a Biblical worldview with Truth, Integrity and Excellence at its core. Students graduate with a strong spiritual foundation and the skills to be lifelong learners, prepared to thrive in college and beyond.