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Place an Ad in our Gala Program

Highlight your company or business in our 2019 Gala & Auction Program. Advertise with a full, half, or quarter page. Ads placed in our program give great exposure and you can include a coupon or other tracking info to see the results of your ad dollars.
Advertisement Sizes and Pricing:
Full Page Ad   7.5"H x 5"W   $120
Half Page Ad   4"H x 5"W   $60
Quarter Page Ad   2"H x 5"W   $30
*All ads are printed in black and white.
The Master's School
Attn: Sonya Allen
36 Westledge Road
West Simsbury, CT 06092
You may mail your print ad to the above address or email it to Events and Communications Manager Sonya Allen by March 11, 2019.