Performing Arts

Lower School
Lower School Performing Arts


General Music

Whether on stage, in the classroom, or in the band room, students are challenged to try new things, take risks, learn unexpected things, and discover many ways to succeed.  The music curriculum is developed through both the Orff Schulwerk and the Kodály methods. These approaches teach music through rhythm, speech, and movement. These methods encompass natural and joyful ways of bringing music and children together. The Lower School program includes these categories: melody, rhythm, harmony, singing, movement, listening and appreciation, history, instruments (pitched and non-pitched), form, performance, improvisation, and vocabulary. Instructions and experiences begin with simple objectives and continue with increasing complexity. All teaching is appropriate to the children’s learning capabilities. 
Students perform in both a Christmas and Spring concert.


Middle School


Middle School Performing Arts


Middle School Choir

This course expands upon the skills established in the Lower School General Music. This ensemble develops healthy singing habits in melodic and harmonic contexts, furthers the application of music theory, and cultivates performance technique and etiquette. 


Middle School Drama

Middle School Drama introduces students to many aspects of theatrical production and performance. Students learn and implement skills such as playwriting, costume design, and acting as they progress through preparatory units. These units incorporate a variety of elements including the creation and refinement of dialogue and action, the development and design of visual elements of production, and the invention of character behaviors and interactions. Students will then have the opportunity to choose an area of focus as they prepare a culminating performance each semester.



Upper School


Upper School Performing Arts


Introduction to the Performing Arts

IPA is a survey course of theatre, western instrumental music, and body percussion. Students engage with each discipline through individual and collaborative coursework on analyzing, composing, acting, writing, and performing.    



Upper School Choir

This course expands upon the skills established in Middle School Choir. This ensemble continues to emphasize healthy singing habits but also strives to develop individual musicianship through study of repertoire of greater complexity and transparency.