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Ryan Gritter is our Grade 5 teacher at The Master’s School. Ryan earned a degree in English from Washington and Lee University and received his J.D. with high honors from the University of Connecticut School of Law. Ryan has previously taught 11th Grade AP English, 10th Grade Composition, 6th-9th Language Arts, and 6th Grade Reading. He has also coached and worked with youth groups all throughout college, and taught in between graduate school programs.

When he was in 8th grade, Ryan switched from an unaffiliated school to a Christian school and some of his most valued mentors--the people who taught him what Christian manhood looks like--were his teachers. Ryan knew he wanted to teach, but teaching at a Christian school that values the education it offers was always his ideal. Even as Ryan was establishing his law career, he always missed teaching and working with kids. Eventually, after starting his own practice and building it up over three years, Ryan realized he needed to pursue teaching and/or coaching              

Ryan loves playing, following, and talking sports. He also writes, hikes, plays chess, geeks out over trivia quizzes, and devours British TV shows. He is a huge Tolkien fan.