Hannah Blough » Bio


This is Hannah’s fifth year at The Master's School as our Choir (including Mixed Chorus, Concert Choir, Chamber Choir), Theatre History, Acting, and Intro to Performing Arts teacher, along with Middle School Drama Club, and Spring Theater Director. Hannah gets to work with both Middle School and Upper School students in her range of classes. Hannah has always loved acquiring new knowledge and sharing that information with others. She felt called to contribute to the field of performing arts by helping students develop their own skills as performers. Hannah chose to teach at The Master's School because she felt called by God to join Him in ministry here. There was an energy when she walked on campus that confirmed this was the place she was supposed to be.


Hannah grew up in Windsor, CT and still lives there! She grew up with her dad, mom, and her six siblings including a set of identical twins! Hannah attended Liberty University and obtained a degree in Theatre Arts. She is passionate about writing, sewing, singing in the chorale, playing the piano, reading, directing theatre, and baking.


A fun fact for Hannah’s students to know about her is that she makes a lot of her own clothes!