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Mina has been at The Master's School since 1986. She is the Director of Student Life, Middle and Upper School Admissions and also teaches Senior Seminar. Mina has been teaching for more than 30 years in various subjects including Physical Education, Math, Bible, and Health. Mina attended Gordon College where she received her degree in Physical Education and Secondary Education. She also has a Masters in Educational Leadership from the University of New England. Mina decided to become a teacher because she loves teenagers, physical education, and helping her students learn more about Jesus. She teaches at The Master's School because it is a place that transformed her life and she was touched by the teachers that invested in her life. Mina hopes that she can do the same for her students now.


Mina grew up in West Simsbury, CT with her parents and 2 sisters. She attended The Master's School herself and graduated in ’83. She loves sports, reading, her children, animals, Bible studies, and traveling.