Ingrid Deems » Bio


Ingrid is our Lower School Mathematics teacher. Ingrid attended Grove City College and earned a degree in Business Communications. Additionally, she received a certification in Elementary Education from the Association of Christian Schools International. Ingrid chose to become a teacher because her passion in life is to inspire, encourage, and challenge people so that they can reach their full potential. Her goal is to show each of her students that they have the tools, resources, and God-given talents to be successful, not only in math but also in life. She believes that each one of her students has a unique way of solving problems that they can offer. Ingrid chose to be a teacher at The Master's School because she appreciated the education that The Master's School offers. She acknowledges the high standards that are set for the students and loves that honoring God is a priority throughout the community. Ingrid loves being able to share her faith as she teaches.


Ingrid loves going on family road trips with her husband and two children. She also loves biking, reading, crafts, and cooking. A fun fact about Ingrid is that she has always had a love for math and she even met her husband in Calculus class.