Shayla Durbois » Bio


Shayla is our Middle School Arts and 3D Design teacher. Shayla attended Wheaton College where she double majored in Studio Art and Creative Writing. This is Shayla’s first year teaching. She decided to become a teacher after two years of volunteering in Youth Ministries because teaching is the perfect combination of her love for learning and creating. She loves interacting with others and helping them to learn to create to their fullest potential. Shayla decided to come to The Master's School because she wanted to express her joy of creating and engage and point to the true Creator. Shayla appreciated the encouraging environment and the support that the faculty and staff provide each other and the students.


Shayla grew up in Canton, CT and is currently living in Simsbury, CT in a farmhouse. She loves creative writing, losing herself in a good book, and a tea and coffee enthusiast. Shayla loves traveling and visiting different art museums as well. She loves exercising but especially hiking because she gets to enjoy the outdoors. She is also involved with the youth group at her church because she loves helping younger kids get to know the Lord. A fun fact about Shayla is that she studied abroad in England and Italy when she was in college and she cannot wait to go back. She is also illustrating a children’s book about a young boy and the Red Sox in the 1950’s.