Christy Neagle » Bio


Christy is the Grade 3 teacher as well as our sign language teacher and guitar instructor for those students who want to learn how to play the guitar. Christy attended Plymouth State University where she obtained her degree in Elementary Education. She also earned her Masters degree in Early Childhood Education at Central Connecticut State University.


Christy knows that her desire to teach is from God and that has led her to be teaching for nearly 30 years. From a young age Christy loved to play school and as she grew up, her own teachers only further confirmed her desire to teach. She chose to teach at The Master's School because she believes the spiritual side of a child and their natural desire to know God should be nurtured and encouraged.


Christy loves to learn about different languages and cultures. She learned Sign Language 25 years ago and she has been able to use it many times throughout her career. She also is passionate about traveling and learning about the different cultures in this world. She had the opportunity out of college to travel with Up With People and experience all of these cultures. Since she has been a host-mom for many of the international students that attend The Master's School.


A fun fact about Christy is that she has four fake front teeth and that in addition to her own 3 children, she and her family have hosted 9 exchange students and she considers each of them to be her children as well.