Nancy Swenson » Bio


Nancy is our Upper School geometry, pre-calculus, and calculus teacher. She earned her Bachelor's degree from Central Connecticut State University in Elementary Education and Mathematics. Nancy homeschooled her own children from birth through their high school graduation. She has been tutoring students for 4 years and began teaching at The Master's School in 2002, but has taken a few years off since returning.


Nancy lives in Riverton, CT and loves exploring and learning new things and then sharing those things with others. She recognizes all that the world has to offer and likes to enjoy its many wonders. Nancy decided to teach at The Master's School because she cannot imagine teaching about God’s creation without being allowed to acknowledge that He is the creator behind it all. She also loves that The Master's School allows her to be a mentor to students and encourage them, as well as challenge them, in their individual walks with the Lord.


A fun fact about Nancy is that she and her husband own the Hitchcock Chair Company.