Celebrating 50 Years of Excellence in Christian Education

What makes us who we are? It's hard to put into words what you experience when you are a part of The Master's School family. Some of our students, faculty & staff, parents, alumni, and friends have put some thought into what they feel makes up the heart of The Master's School.
What would you tell another student, who goes to another school, to encourage them to consider The Master’s School? 
“This school has changed my life. Some people think that a school is just a school, but to me, it’s a home.” – Middle School Student
Write a statement that describes what The Master’s School is all about.
“The Pre-K through Grade 12 model is a special and unique offering. Students and families grow up here.” – Current Staff Member
What is one word that best describes the school? Tell why you chose that word.
“Enriching – The word makes me think of rich soil, the type that allows for plants to grow and plentiful harvests. This is a safe, supportive, God centered school that will enrich all of our students lives and give them a sure foundation for whatever God has called them to.” – Current Faculty Member