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Middle School

Welcome to the Middle School!

Students are encouraged through their course of study to continue looking for their God-given gifting as they prepare for their high school academic path. The Middle School program expands to allow for more co-curricular choices while intentionally focusing to build a safe, cohesive, engaging community environment.

The Master’s School faculty, (Preschool through Upper School), is comprised of 40 teachers. Our faculty have an average of over 13 years experience, over 50% of which have been at The Master’s School. All of our teachers have undergraduate degrees and 50% hold a master’s degree or Ph.D. Faculty and staff have been recognized among their peers with achievements such as Teaching Excellence Awards, Who’s Who in American Teachers, National Endowment Grants, and Early Childhood Education/Special Education Book Awards. Teachers have had articles and music published nationally and have been elected to professional associations and community leadership positions.