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Post Graduate Program

PG students


Postgraduates are students who enroll in an extra year of high school between graduation and college. This additional year allows students time to improve their academic profiles and athletic skills, gain independence and develop good study and writing skills. The supportive Christian community at The Master's School provides postgraduates an opportunity for personal growth as students gain maturity and ensure they are well prepared for the rigors of college.  

Although PG students attend The Master's School for only one year, our desire is for them to be fully integrated into the school community and valuable members of the senior class. Post-graduate students are encouraged to be involved in our athletic programs and extracurricular clubs and activities.  



The College Planning Manager/School Counselor will work with each postgraduate student to select courses that will fit their academic interests and ensure they are well prepared for the intellectual intensity of college. We offer challenging courses in small, supportive classes to ensure success. Students can earn college credit through UConn Early College Experience courses, including Introduction to Academic Writing, Seminar in Academic Writing, Introduction to American Politics, Philosophy and Drawing 1. Post-grad students can also enroll in AP and other upper level courses and a wide variety of elective classes. Please see our Course Catalog and ECE Course Page for more information.  


College Counseling and Matriculation

Postgraduate students at The Master's School receive personalized attention from our College Counseling Staff to prepare for and successfully navigate the college application process. We work with students and parents to help identify schools, compile application materials and provide supporting materials for both college and scholarship applications.  

To be eligible for the Post Graduate Program, applicants must meet the following criteria:
1. At least a 3.0 GPA during their junior and senior years.
2. A SAT score of at least 1,114 or an ACT score of at least 22.
3. Financially able to meet the median variable tuition rate for the Upper School. See Variable Tuition.
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